Merijn Hos is an Illustrator, Visual Artist and occasional Art Director based in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Gratuated in 2004 with a BFA in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts, Utrecht, the Netherlands.

selected clients
LeSportsac, Dazed & Confused magazine, Nickelodeon, Keds, The Guardian, K2 Snowboarding, Coca Cola, Nike, Dunlop, Stolichnaya, Verkade, Arte, Nylon Magazine, Wired Magazine, Adobe, Leifsdottir, (RED), WNF, D&AD, Converse, Google, Please! magazine, Intel, New York Times, Redbull, 030303 records, De Nederlandse Opera, Pori Jazz Festival, Outdoor Finland, Mojo / Live Nation, Financieel Dagblad, Het Parool, Condé Nast, Pepsi, Jawbone, De Morgen, Kinfolk, Arctic paper, Bose, Mercedes Benz, KLM Airlines.

solo exhibitions
2015. Kelderman en van Noort, Drawings and Installation, Eindhoven, the Netherlands
2014. Kunsthal Stavanger, Wood Sculptures by Merijn Hos, Norway
2014. Opperclaes gallery, 500 Drawings and a Sculpture, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
2014. Nina Sagt Gallery, Wood Sculptures by Merijn Hos, Dusseldorf, Germany
2013. Krets, Wood Sculptures by Merijn Hos, Malmo, Sweden
2012. Beginnings Gallery, Wood Sculptures by Merijn Hos, NYC
2011. K+K gallery, Nice Sculpture Asshole, Brussels, Belgium
2010. With Tsjalling, New Drawings, Groningen, The Netherlands
2008. Extrabold gallery, Half of what I do is meaningless, Luxembourg
2007. Subwalk, I Don't Know How To Act In Public, Arhnem, The Netherlands
2007. Subaquatica, I Tought This Was Forever, Madrid, Spain
2006. Blend store/ gallery, Untiteld, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2006. Carhartt store, Hittin' On You, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2005. 16/18 gallery, The Never Ever Show, Utrecht, The Netherlands

selected group exhibitions
2013. Don't Shoot the Messenger, Design Museo, Helsinki, Finland
2013. Being / Dreaming, Hugo & Marie at KK Outlet, London, UK
2013. Collage, Mini Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2013. Prism, Andenken Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2013. Graphic AND, Electron, Breda, The Netherlands
2013. Hit The City, Kelderman & van Noort, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
2013. Twente Biennale, 21 Roozendaal, Enschede, The Netherlands

2012. We like Art, Vous Etes Eci, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2012. Encore, Gallery With Tsjalling, Groningen, The Netherlands
2012. Collaborative exhibition with Ted Parker, Oz, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2012. Duo exhihition with Martijn Schuppers, Hof 88, Almelo, The Netherlands
2012. Grenzeloos, Stedelijk Museum Kampen, The Netherlands

2011. Twente Biennale, Hengelo, The Netherlands

2010. Dutch Treat, Knipsu, Bergen, Norway
2010. Eugene & Pauline, Hotel de Ville, Rouen, France
2010. Eugene & Pauline, Parsons Paris School of Art and Design, Paris, France
2010. The Misprints, HAI, Breda, The Netherlands
2010. Summer School, Ship of Fools, The Hague, The Netherlands
2010. Midsummer Show, Alley Gallery, Hasselt, Belgium
2010. Hippy Ghost House, Blaqjacket, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2010. Triple M, Mekanik Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium
2010. Landslide, Paraplufabriek, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
2010. Grow Ups, CCC, Shizuoka, Japan
2010. Don't Worry Be Happy, Showroom Mama, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2009. Genisis, Chapter One Gallery, London, U.K.
2009. Twente Bienale, Hengelo, The Netherlands
2009. New Works, Sid Lee, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2008. Monotono, Studio Banana, Madrid, Spain
2008. Some Type of Wonderfull, McCulloch Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2008. Manufactuur, Kunstcentrum, Hengelo, The Netherlands
2008. The Joyfull Bewilderment, Rough Trade, London, U.K.
2008. Out of STH, BWA Wroclaw, Poland
2008. T-shirt graphics, Graphic Design festival, Breda, The Netherlands
2008. Yaralt gallery, Happy Weels, Rouen, France
2008. Amaze group exhibition, Sint Niklaas, Belgium
2008. Fruits Frais, Groupshow, Karachi, Pakistan
2008. CBK Flevoland, Grow Ups, Almere Haven, The Netherlands

2007. Monster Children Gallery, Post-Wood, Melbourne, Australia
2007. Publique de Roubaix, Resist, Roubaix, France
2007. Old Shoreditch Station, Another Groupshow, Londen, U.K.
2007. Planet Art, Gogbot, Enschede, The Netherlands
2007. Mekaniek, ArtTrek 4, Antwerp, Belgium
2007. Roodkapje, Gimme Gimme, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2007. Planet Art, Balen Festival, Enschede, The Netherlands

2006. Condition Publique, Pop 'n Flop, Paris, France
2006. Chielerie, My Streets My City, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2006. GEM, Gemeente Museum Den Haag, Dutch Masters, The Netherlands
2006. Trust Nobody gallery, Slipmat Exhibition, Barcelona, Spain
2006. Iguapop gallery, The Dilly Show, Barcelona, Spain

2005. DreambagsJaguarshoes, The Dilly Show, Londen, U.K.

2004. Knitting Factory, Aviate Groupshow, New York, U.S.A

personal books
2013. Bedford Pages issue 01, together with Jeroen van Mourik, Utrecht, The Netherlands
2011. The Parade, Merijn Hos, Stickit, Utrecht, The Netherlands
2010. The Marigolds, Merijn Hos, Buzzworks, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2008. Black and white drawings, Merijn Hos, Buzzworks, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2010. Torso, Gestalten Verslag, Berlin, Germany
2010. Beautiful Decay, The Underdogs, U.S.A
2008. 2008 Is The Year Of..., Actar, Julia Schonlau, Anna Bulher, Berlin, Germany
2007. Street sketchbook, T. Manco, Thames & Hudson, Londen, U.K
2007. I Love You Baby/ Character Design, Grinko Press, New York, U.S.A
2006. The art of Rebellion 2, Publikat, Berlin, Germany
2005. Izastickup, Drago arts & comunication, Rome, Italy
2004. Sticker Graphics, AllRightsReserved, Melbourne, Australie
2004. Streetlogos, T. Manco, Thames & Hudson, Londen, U.K

2010. DPI Magazine, Interview, Taiwan
2010. ComputerArts, small interview, London, U.K.
2010. Wrap Magazine, Illustration, London, U.K.
2009. Frame, Pictures of Wallpaintings, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2009. Vice, Interview and work feature
2008. Lucas X, Artist page with Biography, Utrecht, The Netherlands
2008. Graniph Nummer.4, illustration, Japan
2008. Friday Magazine, illustration, The Netherlands
2008. Stik Magazine, illustration, The Netherlands
2008. IdN Magazine, interview and portfolio feature, Hong Kong
2008. Deleted Scenes Magazine, illustration, Stockholm, Sweden (2008)
2007. Counterpart Magazine, illustration, U.K.
2007. Mr Motley, illustration, The Netherlands
2007. Weekend Knack, interview, Belgium
2007. Lamano, images and biography, Spain
2007. M-Arte, images and biography, Spain
2007. Dazed & Confused, typography, U.K.
2006. Reload, images, The Netherlands
2006. Mikosa, images, The Netherlands
2006. Inbetween magazine, illustration, Norway
2006. Empty, images, Sidney, Australie
2006. 33 Thoughts, illustration, U.K.
2006. Code, images and biography, The Netherlands
2006. Cjp magazine,iIllustration, The Netherlands
2006. Chill magazine,interview and portfolio feature, France
2006. Dzone, images, The Netherlands
2005. Territory, interview and illustration, Singapore
2004. Viva, work reviewed, The Netherlands
2004. Beautifull Decay, illustration, U.S.A
2004. Root magazine, interview and iIllustration, Italy

newspaper articles
2007. NRC Next, Article about my work in General, The Netherlands
2006. De Volkskrant, Article about my work at GEM The Hague, The Netherlands
2006. NRC Handelsblad, Article about my work at GEM, The Hague, The Netherlands

independent publications
2010. Oxygen, Merijn Hos, Eugene & Pauline, Rouen, France
2010. A Little Lost, Merijn Hos, The Netherlands
2010. Everything is Just a Private Joke, Merijn Hos, Buzzworks, The Netherlands
2009. Atompunk, Newspaper in collaboration with Willehad Eilers
2008. My friend on a special substance, Merijn Hos, Stickit, The Netherlands
2007. Complex and Simple/ Repent or Perisch, Merijn Hos & Teitsma, The Netherlands
2007. I thought this was forever, drawings by Merijn Hos, The Netherlands
2007. East West, drawings by Merijn Hos, Imagora, France
2005. The Dilly, curated by PMH, U.K
2005. I'am with you, drawings by Merijn Hos, The Netherlands

2013. Beyonderground, Hasselt, Belgium
2011. School of Visual Arts Utrecht, The Netherlands, Lecture about my work in general.
2011. CBK Groningen, The Netherlands, Lecture about my work in general.
2010. Dutch Illustration Biennale, Haarlem, The Netherlands
2009. Pecha Kucha presentations in Hengelo and Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2009. Willem de Koning Acedemie, Rotterdam, Lecture about my Illustration work.
2007. Subwalk, Lecture about my work in general, Arnhem, The Netherlands
2007. Broeikas, Lecture about my work in general. Deventer, The Netherlands
2006. Grafisch lyceum Utrecht, Lectures for students Graphic Design, Utrecht, The Netherlands

All content on this website is copyright 2015 by Merijn Hos.